Egotistical we are always inclined to blame others for our sadness, our failures, our pains. We hold hope on others to bring us happiness and “luck” brings us successes. Yet reality is we are each responsible for our inner emotions and our outer actions. Our successes are due to our own dreams, beliefs and actions. 

To mature means to take responsibility for your life, to be alone ~ Fritz Perls

And in the same way our very own dreams, beliefs and actions if vibrating with fear will result in failures. And whilst the Law of Attraction is playing its hand so is The Law of Karma.  We have chosen to teach each other, Mahatama Ghandi has been quoted to say “It is easy enough to be friendly to one's friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion. The other is mere business.” Some of our pains may be a pain we have chosen on a soul level to endure for our own awakening and to lend a hand in the awakening of another soul. In the knowing that we are all one and all connected we are able to see on reflection the entwined paths and events are not co-incidences, you are able to understand that in the process of challenging each other we evolve together.  We each are on our own path yet our paths are entwined for the purpose of growth and to lead each other back to source. This is for all the human race, we are all one and one of the same.  Pointing fingers and playing blame game is a game of denial to live and evolve, keeping you stagnant and forever fighting demons which you, yourself have allowed space for.  By denying responsibility you are denying yourself the power to make change, denying yourself to heal, denying yourself happiness and denying yourself the path to find the light of your soul & the wisdom of the mind to rise up to the light. Go within and reflect on the times you have denied yourself a life lesson by placing the responsibility of your happiness or unhappiness on another, and turning your sight off the truth of your path.
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