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Wholefoods in a capsule? Knowing my family and I are feeding our cells the goodness of 27 varieties of fruit, veg and berries everyday is truly a peace of mind I want to share with the world. Here's my story, I was always convinced that I can get all the nutrients I needed from my food. And to be honest I had maintained a healthy lifestyle with my transition a five years earlier to vegetarian eating, removal of all processed foods and refined sugars. My health was at the best it had ever been with my yearly checkups consistently returned with "Perfect Health". So when I was introduced to wholefoods in a capsule I declined. So what happened?  Life Happened.  From living on my own and being responsible for just myself, cooking for one, and having a routine that needed to work for only me my life evolved again when I fell in love and got married within a matter of 12 months.  My breakfast, lunch and dinners had two other people to satisfy. My husband is a tradie that would be happy with pizza and souvlaki every day and my step daughter who is a teenager was happy with MacDonalds and Oreos.  My work and social life also began to change with a domino affect on my priorities and my time.  I was beginning to sound like a broken record as I was constantly reminding or questioning their daily food intake. I had taken on the role of the carer and that was great, but can be exhausting.  My step daughters acne, focus and energy levels were affecting her confidence and her grades.  My husbands work was causing him stress and in general being a physically taxing job was also leaving him in need of an immunity boost.   
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates
And so I chose to give these wholefood capsules a trial for four months. As we know, it takes four months for every cell in our body to be regenerated and if Iā€™m going to feel any change I should in that time. Well for me it took 10 days. My husband began swapping his whey protein shakes with the wholefood shakes; he found he felt fuller, had more energy and focus. My step daughter began with the chews. Her skin looks amazing, her confidence, her focus and energy are up. And now I no longer sound like a broken record. WE ALL are feeling the positive affects of the this simple, stress free method of feeding our bodies what it actually needs. And with conviction it no longer is a chore.  No nagging, no gagging, no stress.  I hope I can pass this onto you and your family. Do it for the energy. Do it for clearer skin, and a stronger immune system. I learnt the value of health years ago, (the story about my Dina and If I could make one wish it would be to save everyone from the heartache of watching the health of someone they love slowly take them away. We do have control over our bodies.  They ask of nothing more than to be fed real energy foods, exercise and rest.  
Don't wait till its to late.  Health is the real wealth.
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