Register for Level 1 Reiki Workshop

Begin your self healing journey with a two day workshop and certification that introduces you to the Traditional Japanese Reiki Healing method. I believe Reiki healing is a part of who we all are and Reiki Level 1 is a must in our current world.

Suitable for anyone:

  • The Student: Those who want to go deeper into the understanding of energy healing,

  • The Busy and Stressed: Work, Family, Relationships can all be a cause of High level Stress. Reiki level 1 will provide you with a great stress reducing tool.

  • The Ones Who Need Focus. Use Reiki for clarity and heightening your intuition.

  • Suffering from Chronic Pain: Research has shown that Reiki has the ability to ease Chronic Pain.

  • Parents: So many uses for children. Ease pain when they fall, calm them when they are anxious.

What you will learn:

  • The 5 Reiki Precepts

  • Meditation and Breathing techniques

  • Mantras and Symbols

  • A greater understanding of our Chakra systems

  • Healing Hand Positions to practice on yourself and others

What you you take home:

  • A strong base understanding of the Dr Usui Traditional Reiki System.

  • International and the Australian Reiki Association Recognised Certification in Level 1 Reiki

  • A goodies bag filled with a few more self healing tools.

  • Reiki students also receive a take home Reiki manual and more!

Where: The Elements Of Happiness - Seaford

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Your Investment: $369.00